When you can't understand Jungkook (정국) BTS (방탄소년단 / 防弾少年团)

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Shared November 14, 2018


When you can't understand Jungkook (정국) BTS (방탄소년단 / 防弾少年团)
Hi guys,

There are some moments when little Jungkook is so innocent…like all the time xD
Sometimes you can’t even understand his innocence xD Did you saw his face when he wanted to eat an egg with the shell and when his hyungs informed him that the shell is not to be eaten?...Really priceless!
There are some cute and questionable Jungkook moments which you should see. Just like the one, when the ordered food arrived and instead of opening the door, he began to imitate the doorbell.
Or when he was really excited about a concert and played with Jimins face.
Just hit the play button and see exactly what I’m talking about.
정국를 이해할 수 없을 때 (방탄소년단)
あなたがジョングクを理解できないとき (防弾少年团)