yugyeom's sad life: a compilation

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Shared September 2, 2018

i forgot what i titled this before. is this right? im lazy

i had a very delusional description before so i shall leave that out this time as i am more(?) awake.. but yeah i apologize for any weird stuff that was edited today in the mere hours of the morning due to jet lag ugh i havent slept since yesterday evening? umm it's 4pm lol


i gave up on the copyright claims so i just decided to upload the original video (with the claimed clips) elsewhere wooooo

dunno when google drive will finish processing but here!

i'll also put it on twitter hurray


also yes.. school is starting for me soon. sorry to you poor souls who have already started.. but yeah i probably won't be able to upload as much this fall ahhh so thank you for sticking around! :( i'll see you soon, my friends ❤

---------------- default description cause it seems cool

❤ Let's be friends or quiet mutuals yay

❤ References to
In this video: pewdiepie, some memes, the office (cut out- in gdrive or twitter. it was a quote), friends bamboozled, aaaah aahhh
(i should start listing the videos i used.. next time).

❤ Member colour coding
Mark: grey (i previously wrote yellow im sorry)
Jaebeom: brown
Jackson: red/pink
Jinyoung: orange
Youngjae: yellow
BamBam: green
Yugyeom: black
Others/me: blue/not those colours up there

❤ Do not re-post anywhere without link or credit. Spare my soul

❤ Extra notes
5:36 Before this, everyone was talking about aliens from hundreds of years ago, but yugyeom talks about an alien from five years ago so im guessing he was a bit out of topic (this vid was from 2014. guys, we are old)
♡ aaah aah Song: Blonde Redhead- For the Damaged Coda
♡ Ending song: Red Velvet- Fool because i am a fool :(