25 Actors Who Look Like They've Stopped Aging

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Shared June 30, 2019

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Whether it’s the work of wizards or just a team of really, really good doctors, celebrities have everything they need to keep themselves looking young and healthy forever. But some actors out there take it to a whole other level, and seem to have stopped aging entirely! Whether they look just like they did when they first burst onto the scene, or have looked older and distinguished since they were born, these Hollywood icons have found some magical way to side step the ebb and flow of time. From Marisa Tomei, who hasn’t changed a day from My Cousin Vinny to Spider Man, to Hugh Jackman whose Australian charm has never faded, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who has never lost the boyish good-looks that made us all swoon in Titanic. There’s Halle Berry, who makes sure to keep herself in perfect shape, Keanu Reeves whose good humour has kept him looking the same for twenty years, and of course, Jennifer Aniston who clearly has long since been bewitched to remain perfect forever. Thomas Brodie-Sangster will probably look eighteen forever, Sandra Bullock looks better than ever at fifty four years old, Dwayne Johnson shows no signs of aging even after spending years being professionally beaten up, and Samuel L Jackson is absolutely going to live forever. Jennifer Lopez has never stopped looking like Selena, Will Smith has always been the Fresh Prince, and Robert Downey Jr hasn’t lost one bit of the rakish good looks and charm that won over the world at the beginning of his career. All these stars and more have stopped time in its tracks, and we want to know their secrets!

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