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Shared August 28, 2019

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Thomas the Tank Engine was a character in a series of books by The Rev W Awdry that were written from 1945 to 1972. After plenty of praise and popularity towards those classic stories, Britt Allcroft came along in 1984 and created ‘Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends’ - one of the most loved and celebrated classic kids TV shows ever made. Charming, quintessentially English, full of incredible details with the models and sets, fantastic music and of course - narration from one of The Beatles. Ringo Starr, I mean. Could’ve been another one, but eh. Then they got Michael Angelis for Season 3 onwards, and he isn’t a Beatle, so who cares. There was also a Thomas and Friends US season list as well as a Thomas and Friends UK season list, with George Carlin (I couldn’t believe it either) taking over from Ringo for the US audiences - and the cultural impact of Thomas the Tank Engine is still felt today in books, movies, video games and MORE TV shows being made all about him all around the world. I don’t watch it any more, in fact I can’t stand it from the moment the kids came in and sang the Thomas the Tank Engine Theme Song that was already nowhere near as good as the original TV show theme, but I digress. Actually, NO I DON’T - have you seen the CGI abominable state the show is in now? The train’s faces actually move! It’s unnatural and needs to go away. And the stories suck. And the voices suck. Anyway, eventually Thomas ended up getting famous enough to dive into the realm of video games (with a notable SNES and Genesis / Megadrive train simulator and even Thomas the Tank Engine pinball on the Amiga computer) and then grew massively popular in Japan - and I’m assuming that because today we’re looking at gameplay (not JUST the FMV intro) to Kids Station Kikansha Thomas to Nakamatachi - a PS1 game from 2000 ONLY ever released in Japan. That’s crazy, right? Well the game is certainly crazy too - and it even came with a giant PlayStation button pad for the kids to play with. Today you will be seeing Thomas the Tank Engine PS1 gameplay and not recorded from a region locked PS1 or even a Japanese PS1 , but indeed an emulator. Why were there no other Thomas and Friends PlayStation games released? Why only in Japan? Why Japan Exclusive? This would’ve done amazingly in this country, especially with stuff like The Tweenies Game Time to shovel through. Anyway, Thomas the Tank Engine PS1. Thomas and Friends PS1. Let’s go. Friends are fun. I may also talk about the PS2 game and the one on Wii and DS but I’m honestly Thomased out.

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Did you know TomSka was a Tank Person? That’s what all the trains look like when you take their bodies away.

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