Ultimate Guide to Dune (Part 6) Heretics of Dune

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Shared April 3, 2019

Heretics of Dune is the fifth Novel in Frank Herbert’s original Dune Series. The book follows the machinations of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood as they encounter new powers within the old empire, the lost ones returning out of the great scattering. After the Death of the Worm God Emperor, approximately 1500 years ago, the fish speakers, his female military force, had taken control of the God Emperor's enormous wealth of spice. They had squandered that tremendous wealth in petty squabbles and foolish actions, no single event significant enough to be recorded by history.

Eventually, the tleilaxu, that fringe world at the edge of the empire who had produced countless Ghola’s for the God-Emperor, discovered a way to produce spice Melange from within their Axlotl tanks. This pushed the Fish Speakers into an alliance with the Ixians. Control of Arrakis passed to the Priesthood, who lead a new religion formed from the remnants of Leto’s old design. They worshipped the god of the desert Shai Hulud, each worm now containing a piece of the God Emperor’s consciousness.

Still the Bene Gesserit remained one of the most powerful forces in the Empire superior to the modern fish speaker council, which had inherited the heart of the old Atreides Empire, they were superior to CHOAM by far, and Equal to the spacing guild, though the guild’s monopoly on Space travel had long been broken by the Ixians who had invented technology allowing vessels to travel without the use of a guild navigator.

Since the time of the God Emperor, the Bene Gesserit sisterhood has purchased 12 Duncan Idaho Gholas. Up until this point each one has been assassinated. They suspect by the tleilaxu themselves. Many in the sisterhood fear this Ghola project. The Mother Superior Taraza, knows there are heretics among them. The word “Heretic referred to a private joke within the sisterhood. They were supposed to follow the orders of the mother superior always, with absolute devotion. The sisters of the Bene Gesserit did do this, except when they disagreed

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