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Shared January 3, 2019

Welcome back to another video unless you're new here!
I hope everybody liked this video that I have made that isn't an imagine. I know some of these jokes are pretty old, but some people can't get tired of them. Please note that I made this earlier back in 2018, so some jokes that come out I won't have in this video.
Don't forget to stay until the end... or skip lol

I was originally going to do funny moments, but I many of the videos I had in mind, wouldn't show up on the internet. This was either due to poor quality or I couldn't find clips on the internet in general.
**Message for my subscribers/viewers**
I have made this video in advance because I know January is going to be a stressful month for me. I have finals, keystones and a huge final essay for school. That being said, I won't be able to make any videos for a little while. I realize I say this in most of my community posts and I'm really sorry for that. I'm taking an honors class in a subject I absolutely hate so I'm pretty much struggling to keep my grade an A. I have keystones in that subject next week as well as my 3 finals in 2 weeks.
Wings-Bts | instrumental | (background music for joke numbers)
Ddu du ddu du-Blackpink (bonus section)
Love Maze-Bts (intro)

Hope everyone else's 2019 is going better than mine already lol.
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