Van Halen - Respect The Wind

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Shared August 25, 2010

Song - Respect The Wind
Artist - Edward & Alex Van Halen
Album - Twister Soundtrack
Year - 1996
Guitar - Eddie Van Halen
Keyboards - Alex Van Halen

"Respect the Wind" is a lengthy keyboard and electric guitar instrumental track written and performed by Edward and Alex Van Halen. It is played over the end credits of the 1996 hit film Twister and is Alex Van Halen's only-ever credit independent of the band Van Halen.
It was the second of two songs contributed to Twister by Eddie Van Halen, the other being "Humans Being" recorded with the other three members of Van Halen. "Respect the Wind" was recorded following Eddie's dissatisfaction with the song "Humans Being" and marked one of the straws that led to lead singer Sammy Hagar's supposed termination from the band. It is considered one of Eddie's greatest. The one on "Twister" has been edited for time. Eddie uses a EQ guitar effects pedal.