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Shared September 3, 2013

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Enjoy your photos being placed on a world map in a fascinating way. PhotoMap helps you finding and visiting beautiful or important locations again. It also enables you to describe beautiful moments by adding photo captions. Relive your vacation by jumping virtually from location to location. PhotoMap presents your pictures where you took them.

☀ The German Android Magazin (27 April 2015) describes PhotoMap as helpful for holiday, sport and business pictures. ☀

Create impressive geo photo collages and share them with friends. Show your partner, friends and colleagues where you have been, whether on vacation, at the weekend, on an excursion, on a business trip, or just on a usual day.

✈ Augmented Reality (AR) view of your photos incl. True North compass
✈ Supports Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
✈ The geo logging feature helps you to capture more details about visited places and itineraries. View your logged positions on a map together with your photos.

If your photos don't have geo positions until now, please activate the "store location" option in your camera app or simply use the integrated camera function. I recommend using the app MapCam to take pictures with precise geo positions.

PhotoMap enables you to:
✔ Quickly browse even large amounts of photos exactly where you took them.
✔ Enjoy preview pictures situated on a zoomable world map (photo map). Your pictures will be intelligently clustered at their geographical position.
✔ Freely zoom, turn or tilt the 3D world map to enjoy different perspectives.
✔ Freely choose between satellite, street or terrain view.
✔ Easily browse your clustered photos by tapping on the preview pictures.
✔ Create geo photo collages.
✔ Record itineraries, running trails etc. with the integrated geo logger.
✔ Change the Exif location of your photos via Drag & Drop: Long tap on the position marker and drag it.
✔ Store photo captions in your photos' metadata. Picasa on your PC can read it.
✔ Use the built-in camera function to take pictures with precise geographical positions (geotagging).
✔ View Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC and other meta data.
✔ Share your photos and geo photo collages via Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Picasa, Twitter etc.

Use PhotoMap if the position and description of photos is important to you. Here are some examples:
★ When traveling, on vacation, on business trips, when camping, at the beach, in foreign cities, etc.
★ Make a note of sites such as real estate, homes, cars, hotels, hostels, restaurants, places of work, schools, parking lots, etc.
★ During sport such as bicycling, rowing, running, jogging, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, trekking, exercising, playing football, etc.
★ As a spectator at a special event such as a concert, a festival, a football game, a tennis match, etc.
★ As a visitor to parks, flea markets, zoos, amusement parks, Christmas markets, etc.
★ On the weekend family outing, at a party/celebration, at a bar/nightclub, in a club, to record the night life etc.
★ When meeting with friends at the mall, on the playground, while shopping, in a restaurant, etc.
★ On special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, celebrations, parades, etc.
★ In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, storm surge, flood, tsunami, storm, hurricane, forest fire, etc.

PhotoMap is interesting for the following occupational groups: real estate brokers, rangers, craftsmen, firefighters, reporters, police officers, postmen, architects, construction workers, drivers (truck drivers, taxi drivers), event managers, stewardesses, guest representatives, actors, facility managers, au pairs, tourism assistants, farmers, foresters, gardeners, insurance agents, janitors, pilots, doctors, interior designers, city guides, models etc.