20 Unsolved Dragon Ball Mysteries

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Shared March 10, 2019

Will These Dragon Ball Mysteries Ever Be Solved?

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The Dragon Ball franchise is huge and like any other gigantic franchise, some things tend to fall through the cracks. Sometimes, there are mysteries, plot holes, unanswered questions or continuity errors, all of which have built up over the years. There are quite a few mysteries throughout Dragon Ball, all of which have been muddled over by the fans who’ve attempted to answer the questions they’ve left open.

In this video, we list off some of the most pressing mysteries in the entire franchise from the biology of Saiyan tails to the supposed extinction of Earth’s dinosaurs. Any time the series has left fans with questions or contradicted itself, the fandom has tried to find answers, but not every mystery in Dragon Ball can be solved and these have been on fans’ minds for years. Check out the video to see what unsolved mysteries lie within the Dragonball franchise.


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