15 Celebrities Slammed For Cultural Appropriation

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Shared February 26, 2019

Including Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and more celebs.
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In today’s climate, it can be really difficult to navigate the world of cultural appropriation. There’s a fine line between appropriation and appreciation, especially when it comes to fashion and motifs. The celebs on this list may have tried to walk that line, but most tipped over in spectacularly embarrassing ways. From Indian bindis on pop stars to Pharrell and Adidas running a misguided campaign, we have it all. Of course, cultural appropropriation is always a discussion. What grinds the gears of one person might be totally okay for another. So who are we to say that Kim K did anything wrong by wearing braids or that Katy Perry should think twice about her stage design? We’ll leave that you, the viewer as you go through our list of 15 celebs who got dragged for cultural appropriation. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to The Talko for more videos about all your favorite celebrities!

Entry 1 Ari’s Turning Japanese
Entry 2 Kim K Loves Braids
Entry 3 Selena Goes Bollywood
Entry 4 Hello Katy
Entry 5 High School’s Over, Zac
Entry 6 Miley Twerks
Entry 7 Oh No Khloe!
Entry 8 They Call Her T-Swizzle
Entry 9 Vanessa Does What She Wants
Entry 10 Halsey v Iggy Azalea
Entry 11 Hymns for Indian Culture
Entry 12 Pharrell Makes Us Sad
Entry 13 It’s Not Complicated
Entry 14 My Culture Is NOT Your Couture
Entry 15 Kylie’s Cornrows

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