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Shared September 26, 2018

The word legend is often bandied about in sports, but this week’s guest on Beyond The Grid, presented by Bose, is truly worthy of the moniker. 25 years on from his fourth and final world title triumph, Tom Clarkson sat down with Prost to talk about his epic career, including, of course, that unique and multi-faceted relationship with Ayrton Senna…

Here are a few topics discussed in this week's episode:

3:40 - On Daniel Ricciardo and what he will bring to Renault
12:45 - On joining McLaren, racing Lauda and how he came to be known as The Professor
23:50 - On the various virtues of Piquet, Mansell, Rosberg and Lauda – his 1980s rivals
27:34 – On his rivalry with Senna and how he played a part in the Brazilian joining McLaren
33:00 - On when his relationship with Senna began to break down
35:45 – On whether he has regrets over his relationship with Senna and how it evolved over time
42:39 - On the uniqueness of racing for Williams and being team mate to Damon Hill
48:48 - On running his own F1 team

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