Gekijouban Madoka Magicka: The Battle Pentagram - First 40 Minutes [1/2]

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Shared December 23, 2013

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Artdink, the Creator of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has just released Gekijouban Madoka Magicka: The Battle Pentagram; published by Namco Bandai and for the PS Vita, The Battle Pentagram is a full scale 3D Action game that is based on the popular Japanese anime television series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Enjoy the exhilarating action puppet magic of the five magical girls in The Battle Pentagram with an original storyline and unique Soul Gem battle system!

Destroy the Witches:
The story of the game is supervised by Magica Quartet, the series' creator, which follows the original Madoka series. The Battle Pentagram starts from the first two Puella Magi Madoka movies, but twists off when main heroine Madoka Kaname makes a different wish. The game sets player to building up bonds, trust and friendship between the five magical girls as they seek to obliterate the witches plaguing the human world!