Learn Permaculture and #StopPesticides before they stop us!

These videos are for educational purposes and shared as a free open education resource, no monetary gain is gained by sharing them.

We are destroying our planet... only 0.007% of the water on Earth is available for life the rest is out of our reach. Of that 70% is being contaminated with pesticides and the other 20% by industry. Permaculture can bring about the world we all want. Creating a healthy plant is simple.. and here is how:

1. Vote with your dollar and mouth and join the #StopPesticides and anti toxic GMO Crop Movement (99% of all GM crops are toxic and either pump toxic Bt Pesticides into our environment or encourage Farmers to poison our food and water with toxic non biodegradable Roundup) and by avoiding ALL name brands (Reverse Marketing). 99.9% of them support the industry by selling their or using their products.

2. Launch or Join a local "pick-your-own" permaculture initiative and start growing your own food with friends and family members - its fun! This includes launching a local Open Seed initiative and start saving and sharing seeds with other groups. Over 70% of seed diversity has been lost... we can fix that.

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