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Hi, I am Petite Diva (Omowunmi) and I am a Nigerian Pharmacist (B.Pharm, MPh) who is prone to three types of alopecia and on the quest to stop my hair loss and regrow my hair fast. If you interested in natural home remedies for hair loss and bald edges regrowth with a little bit of skinny weirdness, please consider subscribing and join the #DivaNavy Squad. I upload new videos Mon - Fri at 4pm West African Time. I am also the founder of a brand called Handmadebypetitediva which is a beauty and health company with the aim to inspire people. I do hope that you enjoy some of my videos and it inspires and motivates you. Luv ya, Petite Diva P.S: Visit my blog on 200subs: 19/08/18 300subs: 24/08/18 500subs: 12/09/18 700subs: 01/10/18 1000subs: 14/10/18 2000subs: 08/11/18 8000subs: 02/04/19 9000subs: 25/04/19 10000subs: 14/05/19 20000subs: ?