Hi guys Steve here! Nooblets is Gaming YouTube channel, I’ve always loved gaming and I think I always will, for me it’s a way of life. I started Nooblets to try and give us gamers a voice, as a lot of the time we get screwed over, or sold rubbish, and alone there is not much we could do. I picked the name Nooblets to be ironic as I’m fairly good at gaming, with my best claim to fame being, getting to No1 on the World leader board at Battlefield 2142 many years ago ;) My channel is mainly based around the game ARK, as I love building and survival, but when I’ve had a hard day grinding, I also like to play variety other and new games to relax. I’m not a fanboy or have any game loyalty, I just try to play the best games around and I tell you if they are not. I like online games, MMOs, co-op best so I can play with friends, but also play single Thank You.