Alpha Jay Show

Hey! I'm the AlphaJay of the AlphaJayShow and I cover western animation (Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney) with episode reviews, comparisons (my Versus series) and even re-writing it to make it work better (my How I'd Write series)! If you enjoy a long-form, honest, informational but also entertaining review style that doesn't rely on popular opinion or misleading click-bait then feel free to stick around. I make videos day on topics that I like, topics that my audience wants, new stuff, old stuff, and sometimes I even like to make videos based on the majority vote here or on my Twitter (@TheAlphaJayShow). I also cover Top 10 lists, pilot reviews, internet animation, movies, reboots (Would I Reboot?), certain scenes (Scenes Like This) and even covering bigger issues/theories that may lie within the animation community/industry (Open Ended). If you are interested in the animation of today or yesterday or possibly the future, I am the animation reviewer for you!