Quentin Watt Tutorials

Learn how to code JavaScript, and PHP using popular frameworks like Vue.js and Laravel. I've been coding since 2008, with over a decade of experience to share I make short video tutorials aimed at equipping you with the skills you need to develop your career. Today I primarily work on building a framework for online marketplaces, which has given me a lot of experience making SPAs (Single Page Applications) and CRUD API's in Vue and Laravel. Some other facts about me: I started coding in high school I work as a full stack developer in Cape Town, South Africa My birthday is 9 July 1992 I was born in and live in South Africa. Nicknames I go by are "Q", "Quin", "Quincy" or my first name "Quentin" In addition to coding, and making YouTube videos, I also enjoy going to gym, hiking and spending time outdoors