Mads Peter Iversen

This channel is all about inspirational, educational and informative landscape photography video guides. In this channel I'll share guides, stories and thoughts on my landscape photography from my travels. I'll strive to create the most topquality content I can, while I give out a trick here and there. I release a new episode each Tuesday. I strive to make all the guides as timeless as possible so everybody will benefit from them for the next many years to come. My first series is from Iceland, where I present one location per episode unless two locations are located very close. Iceland is probably the most popular landscape photography location in the world right now since it's become very accesible. My 2nd series is from the USA. With locations from California, Oregon, Utah and Arizona I often pack more than one location into one episode. The 3rd series is from the Faroe Islands. If you like over-the-top vistas and seashores, that one's for you! Currently running: Europe!