El Reloj de Sol

Here you will find music and surround sounds that will surprise you. From 8D audio to music created by artificial intelligence. We are also addicted to other types of art such as drawing. Don't forget to see our live drawing timelapses. And as we have some Renaissance spirit, we are also lovers of science and technology, as you can see in our section on CGI. Perhaps a good expression of the sum of art and technology today is another of our favorite sections: video games. We hope you enjoy the channel. And you know...like, share, subscribe. Thanks! _ _ _ _ _ Música y sonidos que conseguirán sorprenderte. Desde audio 8D hasta música creada por inteligencia artificial. Además de la música, nos gusta el dibujo. No olvides ver nuestros timelapses de realización de dibujos. También somos amantes de la ciencia y la tecnología, el espacio, el CGI o los videojuegos. Esperamos que disfrutes del canal. Y ya sabes...like, comparte, suscríbete. ¡Gracias!