Jessica Collins

This is my true eye witness testimony: I was sex-trafficked to Jeffery Epstein, Andrew Windsor, Alec Baldwin, Joe Biden, John McCain &1000+/- prominent elite for 17 years. I was coerced by an ad published in The City Paper by “The DC Madam” when a student at CUA in Wash DC Oct-Dec 2002. Journalists have documented countless hours of testimony. Attorneys will not hear evidence to avoid culpability. Many have committed Federal Violations of Law. I am being silenced. My Twitter: @MidNiteMJ permanently shut down for speaking out. The Department of Justice, media outlets & corporate entities have committed treason evidenced by my testimony, documented & hidden by organized domestic/international criminals in the US gov. I am not suicidal. I do not use drugs. My statements are fact. Investigating what happened to me & my daughter (victims of sex-trafficking) is the only threat to my life. My life is in imminent danger. I can be reached at @MidNiteMJ001 971.901.7944