Phoenix Kappashiro

Welcome to Nitori Kappashiro's doujin music channel. Here you are mostly going to find any kinds of doujin music but Touhou arrangements will be our main focus. Thanks for visiting and I hope you all enjoy your stay! (─‿‿─) Channel contributors and family members: ✧ Qpax (NK#1, channel owner) / ✧ Mai88 (NK#2, channel contributor) / Thanks to NK#3 (who prefers to stay as anon), Elly / エリー who contributed a lot for this channel and moreover many other candid friends who are currently still supporting and keeping this channel alive ☆ ~('▽^人) Follow me on twitter for channel updates! ♡(。-ω-) ・・ 権利者がこの作品の配信を止めたい場合に私を連絡してください。ありがとうございます。 If you're the owner of any work in this channel and want to see it taken down, please contact me first. Contact me via e-mail or leave me message on my Twitter account: Thank you!