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Healthy Software Developer

Have you ever been on a software team and noticed how stressful and complex it gets? Does it feel like keeping up with the demands of your tech job makes it really hard to have a life outside of work? Hi I’m Jayme, and after working with over 30 software teams, I found out how to have a healthy career - the hard way. I started out in my career doing testing and programming. But over time I began coaching teams on devops, agile methods like scrum and kanban, and having a healthy work/life balance. People love to complain about engineering problems. But I discovered the problem with most projects isn't actually technology - it's people (including sometimes myself!). So I’m sharing what I’ve learned to keep you from getting burned out or stuck on dead end projects. You'll get practical tips on agile development, influencing people, and having healthy habits to keep you calm and growing. Subscribe and join us - let’s help each other grow a community of healthy software developers!