Smoke Trails BBQ

Smoke Trails BBQis all about teaching you how to BBQ using low and slow heat, fire and smoke. My mission is to help you gain the confidence and skills you need to turn something raw into something delicious, all while relaxing and recharging your batteries doing something you love to do. Our Core Values: - Great food - Fun - Smoke - Meat - Fire - Relaxation - Doing it our way About Me: I'm a veteran of the war on terror in Afghanistan, competitive BBQ pitmaster, hunter, marketing professional and lawyer. Email for business inquires. My Equipment: 1. Masterbuilt Electric 30" Sportsman Elite 2. Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker 3. Blackstone Griddle 4. Pit Boss 456D Pellet Grill 5. Webber Kettle 6. Charbroil Water Smoker WildSpark Code: WS1712015


Why Do You BBQ?

Smoke Trails BBQ

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Smoked Wild Boar

Smoke Trails BBQ

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