Scientology whistle blower Karen de la Carriere's Youtube channel. Karen's journey in Scientology lasted decades.. She worked aboard the flagship Apollo with founder L. Ron Hubbard. After 35 years of active contribution Scientology Inc manipulated her son against her and he was forced to "DISCONNECT" (SHUN) as Church revenge for the last 2 years of his life because she was whistle blowing about Scientology Inc abuses on the internet. He died at 27 years old orphaned and of methadone and pneumonia. He had no physician to diagnose the pneumonia. Karen was blocked from seeing his body at the morgue by the Black Bag operation of the "Church" called "Office of Special Affairs. These events have motivated Karen into disclose more and undress the fabricated "Religious Cloaking" of a "church" that has been on a 30 year CRIME WAVE. TWITTER @KarendlaCariere FACEBOOK FACEBOOK