Greetings: Hello friend, welcome to my channel. I hope you enjoy your stay. Life can be hard and frustrating at times. There can be so much doom and gloom. On my channel I want you to forget about your troubles. So stay a while, relax and lets be friends. I don't let people upset me. Their anger and trolling all comes from a hurt deep inside. A pain that I hope leaves them soon. My past: I've had a rough life. I've lived through sexual and emotional abuse, been so poor that I'd slept on boxes on the floor during winter, and committed to an asylum. I suffer from learning disabilities and multiple mental illnesses, as well as having a brain lesion that has greatly affected my life. I've had to watch all of my hopes and dreams die in front of my very eyes. Despite all this I'm still here. My present: I'm very lucky to be on a medication that works for me. I manage to hold down a steady job which helps those less fortunate than myself. I have an amazing wife who loves me very much.