Just a HUGE Aussie Twice Fan. Anything they release you can be sure i am going to get. Twice has cheered me up in so many of the down sides in my life that is why i love them. I will support them till the very end and hope to see them Live one day that will be the dream. I really cant pick a favourte member of the group i like them all from Sana's cute voice to Mina's saying Mike Wazoski at a fan event to Jihyo's taking care of the girls i just cant pick 1 they all make my day whenever i watch a video that has Twice in it. I have like other kpop groups before Twice it was mostly SNSD but honnestly i only liked one member of the group and it was Jessica but the thing is SNSD really was a good group and all it just didnt have the impact that Twice had to me anyways. Twice will always be my Number 1 and most favorite kpop group. If i could say one thing to Twice it will be " Thanks for making my depressing life alot more cheerful and alot more better and thanks more motivating me.” ❤️