Straight out of school I volunteered for the Army's 3 & 3 plan, 3 years active/3 Inactive. You go thru Basic Training aka Boot Camp & then off to your military occupation school. My entire life, as far back as I can remember, I dreamed of working in ONE industry, and my excitement for it never waivered, radio broadcasting. It's one of THOSE occupations you need to have experience to get hired but if nobody will hire you? I researched how to get a job in commercial radio. Researched at the library cuz I'm an old fart & we "didn't have the internet when I was a kid", we couldn't, as electricity hadn't been invented & If we wanted to remember a loved one we chiseled it into our cave's wall, YABBA DABBA DO-ME! Out of Uncle Sam I went to a small market radio station, lied to get a part-time job & after one weekend got fired cuz I SUCKED! A week later he called me back to offer me a FULL-TIME Air-Shift. C kids, sometime lying works out!...JK, I got super lucky & worked the biz for 30+ years!