Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Home of Fighting Games. Spun brings you the best Fighting Game Tournament on Youtube. We also do walkthroughs, tutorials, console/game updates and complete series stories. Have any cool replays you want to share send it over ► YourFightReplays@gmail.com Editing Pograms We Use: Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop Videos are first recorded using Elgato and OBS. It is then edited using Adobe Premiere where we add special effects, trim, mask, and add multiple overlays, Afterwards we make a thumbnail in Photoshop using the same process that is used with Premiere. Warner Bros and Bandai Namco Entertainment both allow us to post tournament footage. This footage is then edited for the purpose of educational entertainment. The videos educate the viewers on how to improve their own gameplay and teaches the viewers on combos and tricks that are used at the highest level of competition. Only the best matches are recorded and edited during the 12 hour event.