Jon Solo

►► A hub for all things Disney, Star Wars, and every other part of your childhood! ► Hello there! My name is Jon Solo! Every week I break down the truly disturbing backstories behind some of your favorite childhood stories! Did you know at the end of the original Cinderella her evil step-sisters' eyes were torn out by birds? How about that the real Christopher Robin grew up to HATE Winnie the Pooh? It's all TRUE and just a tiny preview of what we discuss on Messed Up Origins! If that sounds interesting to you check out the playlist and find the episode about your favorite story or movie! I GUARANTEE you'll never see it the same way again... ಠ_ಠ ►► SPONSORS: ► Audible: Sign up at for a free audiobook! ► Patreon Homies: Cristian (@NoNotPips), Elliot (@Elliot1098), Jeannie, Eva (@EvaOrgana)