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All about tile and how to install it correctly, how to videos, tips and tricks, actual installations of tile jobs of all kinds. I am a tile installer with more than 30 years of experience, and I make videos that try to convey the proper way of installing tile in all types of situations, and I describe why things are done a certain way and try to help you avoid costly mistakes. New video every Saturday morning, and sometimes will add a video during the week if I have the time. All the tile work is installed by me, Sal DiBlasi, I am a tile contractor and Own Elite-Tile Company on Boston’s North Shore. I will be happy to try and reply to comments that are made on my videos online, and the occasional email, but I cannot answer or return phone calls that are not directly related to tile jobs or estimates that do not originate in the area that I service. The time required to conduct my normal business, and make the videos that I upload, makes it impossible to answer or return calls.


Easy DIY glass tile project

Sal DiBlasi

Shared 2 months ago


Glass tile border the right way.

Sal DiBlasi

Shared 9 months ago