WE ARE ALL FAMILY, THIS PLANET IS OUR HOME. Are you looking to master your life through the guidance of your higher self? Then you should definitely consider subscribing to our channel. Woke Nation is a place for the open-minded, the seeking, and the spiritual. We are all part of something much greater than ourselves, and oftentimes we are distracted away from the divine light that lives within our core self and our light is dimmed. No more, it is time we take conscious control over our mental, physical and spiritual health. The content on this channel is created to inspire you to connect with the divine spirituality that is a natural and heavenly part of you. Have you ever had any sort of mystical experience or a spiritual experience that has been life-changing for you? This kind of experience with profound healing is what we aim to provide with our musical content and frequencies from the ancient solfeggio scale to guide the mental, physical and spiritual to a place of harmonic