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Hello, this is ALEX and welcome to BOOMSTICK GAMING! This is a safe haven for gamers who value game mechanics and systems, because that's what makes anything from 8-bit to 8k, equally enjoyable. I approach my content creation with a cinematic eye and a down-to-earth outlook on the gaming industry. I respect my viewers and only make the type of content that I would personally enjoy watching as well. I prefer to call myself an "INFORMANCER" and the respectful gaming audience I foster at Boomstick Gaming, knows exactly why! ******** SUPPORT ALEX AND BOOMSTICK GAMING ON PATREON: YOU CAN ALSO SUPPORT STRAIGHT THROUGH YOUTUBE: FOLLOW @BOOMSTICKALEX ON TWITTER: YOU CAN FIND A COLLECTION OF ALL MY REVIEWS ON OPENCRITIC: DIRECT BUSINESS EMAILS AND COLLABORATION INQUIRIES TO: