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Hey there! I am Chosenheroarrives! (or to some others Chromex20). Its so nice to meet you! maybe you have heard of me! ... No... aww man... Some of my more prominent roles are Leo in Pars Lunae and Takumi in the Castaways If you would like me to voice in your project, feel free to send me a PM I will happily look it over and we can discuss things. I am an actor but before I even attempted acting I loved voice actors like Matthew Mercer and Damien Clarke, and before I was even remotely interested in acting I was a huuuge video game enthusiast (especially fire emblem). I such a passion for acting now and I can't get enough of it. :D Here are some links to my CCC and BTVA pages if you wanna see my flounder my auditions If I had to describe my own voice, I'd say its some weird blend of Cam Clarke and Justin Roiland (minus the talent)