Flat Reality Earth Explorers

Flat Reality Earth Explorers began when NatGeo and IIG conducted a test for curvature at Salton Sea, California in June of 2018. NatGeo and IIG, setting out to prove what they assumed, revealed their duplicity when the results of the experiments contradicted the globe model and they denied the facts. Intellectually honest people who were also at the same experiment decided to ban together and pool their resources to continue long-distance observations at Salton Sea, Monterey Bay California, the salt flats of Utah, and elsewhere. You can view their body of work here, clearly disproving the globe model. The bottom line is this: At multiple locations, day and night, temperatures from 114F to below zero, different humidity, barometric pressures, altitudes, etc., with mirror flashes, lasers, and tower sightings, there is NO EVIDENCE OF CURVATURE. “Refraction” does not explain this—it’s already figured into the calculations. Occam’s Razor demands the simplest answer—the earth is indeed flat.