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New video out next week. In the meantime, here's a new video now on the second channel

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Internet Historian

New video over on Incognito Mode

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New Sundance Rejects over on the second channel.

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Internet Historian New video on the Second Channel if you have nerves of steel.

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We did it, lads. 1 Million Subs. It's surreal. Thank you. Working frantically on new content. Until then, here's my face reveal. Only compliments please xoxoxo

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Kony2012 is a couple of days away. Until then there's this:

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Something mellow from Incognito Mode

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Internet Historian Eric Clanton's sentence came out today: Felonies dropped. Misdemeanour conviction and probation only...

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Internet Historian Season 8: the reboot. - Cameras on the street are back. - Audio is back. - There's a street magician in a fedora who doesn't know where to comfortably rest his hands. Shaping up to be a season worth watching.

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Internet Historian

New Incognito video (AKA my new main channel, amirite.) (wtf shill why doesn't he upload to his main channel anymore -- boooooooooooo.)

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