Nature Healing Society

We absolutely love the nature of our home planet, mother Earth! We aim to share beautiful videos that inspire love and gratitude for our nature. Today's society is happening in a way that is hurting our Planet and its environment. So we are making a stand and doing an effort to help people wake up and give back to Earth. It is the giver of life. We need to respect and take care of it. We are building a community that are passionate about nature and giving back to Earth in ways that heal our environment thus then our people and animals. We have a long way to go, but a journey of a thousand steps starts with one step. Support us and our mission by subscribing to our channel. The equipment we are using: Music-Making: Ableton 10Live. We also use royalty-free music that we purchased. Mp4 Recording: DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Osmo Pocket and GoPro 8. Software editing: Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. Your support helps us grow and reach more people to join our mission.