Hello world, My name is lambzy420x im from the good ole days of youtube and memes where there wasn't sjws and globalist crapping on content creators but hopefully i can make a collection of videos that will fit my hobby and for my own viewing any fan or viewer that watches is very amazing to me so this will be a great adventure. I love to game so add me on steam or hmu on any social if you want to game or collab in some sort of video or just have some FUN. Im also currently 20 working full time as a lube tech also luv fantasy football so might do sunday foot ball videos too... My main focus and theme for this channel for its 2nd reboot since my wii cod days will be smoke sesh vids/live streams or challenges that I feel like doing. Really other than that there could be some gaming content but I will need better equipment for the best quality but we will see what I can produce.