Hi👋Welcome To My Channel🏄‍♀️I Am✨Diana✨also known as Diana45251 on YT you can also call me✨Diana✨or my gamer tag🎮doesn't matter tbh I enjoy making people laugh🤣😂& sometimes I even eat😋on camera🎥#ASMR #Mukbang. I enjoy live streaming every day & NO NEGATIVE ZONE🚫 & vlogging📹occasionally And making videos🎞at times when I'm not an idiot🤪on knowing how to edit. I'm silly🤪and outgoing🤩I sometimes show off my boyfriend/bestfriend Rashad💑. I also like to vent🗯and tell #StoryTimes 📖 On this channel as well about Real Life Situations and Making Exposing Hater Videos so be prepared not to Mess With This Girl 🖤 I have a DarkSide lol 🖤That I hope you guys could relate to and Enjoy my content&Please Follow All my Social Media and Join my discord to chat feel free to message me or DM me anytime would love to talk Much Love❤️XOXO ~ P.S Hope you enjoy my content & Thanks for reading this LOL XD📝💕💖 Also Grow Your Channel here Positivity is Key🔑 Enjoy your Stay at Casa Diana 🏘