Overwatch Pro

Hey. Welcome to the channel Overwatch pro. Twitch.tv streams of copyright belongs to the streamer. Streams in Twitch.tv are deleted after 2 months. We upload streams to YouTube. If you want the removal of videos that you own the copyright, which can be accessed via this page "Business queries: View Email address" button to see our e-mail address. Overwatch Recorded Games. Helping you get better! Learn from the pro's how to improve your gameplay. It's hard to always catch streams when they go live, timing isn't always good, so i record and post them for your enjoyment :) Support the streamers, if you like what you watched follow their social media that's in the videos description. Overwatch pro players: Seagull, Wraxu, Gale, Spirit, Codey, Surefour, Taimou, Jardio... Thanks for watching!