ZZ9 Productions

ZZ9 Productions | Scratch's Most Famous Elevator Fan Welcome to my YouTube channel! The main focus of this channel is documenting real life elevators from modern to vintage, from plain generics to rare and epic lifts, but you can also find Skyscrapersim videos, LEGO videos and videos of my collection of elevator parts here! There will also be other random videos here too. 😀 Please subscribe, it's easy, free and you won't regret it! Current Upload Rate: A new video every 5 days at 19:30 UK time. IMPORTANT NOTE: This channel is made to be suitable for all, profanity is not allowed in comments or in live chat. Fonts in thumbnails by M72. 😉 This is my only channel, any similar-looking ones are FAKE. ❗IMPORTANT❗: All content on this channel is copyrighted to me under the Standard YouTube License. You may NOT reuse ANY of the content on this channel, including thumbnails, ANYWHERE without my permission!