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WANT ALCOHOL MARKERS, but you don't know WHAT to get? Go watch my latest video! I compare ALL of them (yes, ALL of them) - and subscribe to see the grand final showdown this week!!

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Go watch my Epic Noob Vs. Pro Street Art video! It's the BIGGEST Artwork I've ever made!! Big thanks to Dean Sunderland for taking me on, and #pubgmobile @PUBGMOBILE #sponsored for making the video possible!

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It's official - "Draw with Jazza" is now just "Jazza"! Now you won't be just drawing with me. We'll be doing EVERYTHING! ... I mean, we were before anyway, but now I don't have to feel guilty about it lol

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Jazza - did you like how my HULK turned out? What should I sculpt/print/paint in the future?

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2018 is upon us! My 2017 'year in review' will be out tomorrow, in the meantime, what content did you most enjoy in 2017, and look forward to in 2018? (re-posted to include VR as an option lol) 🥂😙

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