Nick Johnson

Regional infotainment about where you live. We use a proprietary program we invented called CHIP which scrapes the internet for data and then categorizes places to live based on a variety of categories. Some of our most watched topics include the best places to live in America, the worst places to live in America, and the best places to live in Florida and California. We give you the straight truth about the cities and states across the US. The members of this channel have been to every state except Alaska, Nebraska, Iowa and Wyoming. So we know what we're talking about, here, people. Our videos have been viewed more than 40,000,000 times and our network of sites gets over one million visits a month of people figuring out where to move and live in America. Subscribe to the channel or leave a comment to join *The Crumbs* -- the best fans on all of YouTube. Visit us at and email us at Mappy fan mail: