The Birthday Gift

I am an empath, intuitive, clairvoyant and clairaudient – With many placements in Virgo - Sun, Mars, Venus all in the 6th house along with Mercury at 0 degrees Libra, I realize that my path encompasses service to others which I claim wholeheartedly. My ability to interpret dreams has been my greatest guide throughout this existence. Having so much Virgo in my chart enhances my ability to see the details & notice the little things while at the same time connecting those pieces to the big picture. Website Legal Disclaimer: All information learned through this channel are for entertainment purposes only; they are not intended to replace your own judgement. Remember that any and all information given including questions answered are subject to your own judgement and interpretation and should not be regarded as financial, relationship, legal, medical, professional counseling or business fact or advice. Please seek professional help and advice if needed.