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Subscribe to the channel and enjoy soothing music online. Music is suitable for anxiety relief, spa, relaxation, meditation, calming, yoga, relaxation, restful sleep. Therapeutic healing music. Online music therapy for depression and neurosis. Improves sleep (relieves insomnia), euthanizes. The quiet sounds of bells - bell ringing, calming music of nature, the sound of the forest, the sounds of rain, sea, the sound of the surf. You have a wide selection of relaxing, soothing music sounds here. Healing music helps to reveal the vast world of beautiful, high feelings, thoughts, emotions! Even if you are not sick of anything, music will help you relax, and saturate the body with the missing energy! Music therapy is a psychotherapeutic method that uses music as a therapeutic agent. Modern music therapy is a technology for resolving medical, rehabilitation, developmental, correctional, and educational tasks. #healing music #meditation music #chakra healing #zen meditation music